HDF Mission

Carrie & Kate on set

Carrie & Kate on set

HOLE DANCE FILMS is a dance film based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. CoFounded by Carrie Noel Richer and Kate Westerlund Kosharek, our films are surreal and whimsical creations. These shorts are often based in character or a particularly human and relatable story. We work with dancers, choreographers, cinematographers, musicians, sculptors, painters, art directors and all the in-betweens as we continue to explore the art of choreography for the camera.

Carrie Richer, CoFounder /Director

Kate W. Kosharek, CoFounder /Choreographer

Kate W. Kosharek in Blue's not the word...

Kate Kosharek dances in HDF film, Blue’s Not the Word

3 responses

20 09 2009
Bill Westerlund

I like it. You guys are adding another chapter to How the West Was Won.

11 11 2009
jen grace

I love what you are doing !


4 08 2010
Chris Palmer

Me, too!

Best, Chris

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