12/12/12 One Day on Earth

10 12 2012


One Day on Earth – Film on 12.12.12 from One Day on Earth on Vimeo.

We are looking forward to participating in the One Day on Earth project on 12/12/12 this coming week.

We’ll be shooting in the Center for the Arts theater/stage and the footage will feature a very exciting new Hole Dance Films collaborator!  Our footage will go even further as there is a large group of filmmakers shooting for the One Day in Jackson Hole project spearheaded by the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival staff.

Hole Dance Films turned in great footage of Kate Kosharek and Margaret Rose dancing in Bondurant, Wyoming on a fence post for 11/11/11.


Take a look at the trailer above for inspiration:

participate, shoot, perform, play and keep your eyes peeled for Hole Dance Films work in the 11/11/11 or the 12/12/12 One Day on Earth feature films!


Movies by Movers!

12 11 2012

Holly Woolridge in Hole Dance Films’ short film, Fall

Hole Dance Films’ movie, Fall is screening in Salem, North Carolina’s film festival – Movies by Movers. What a great title, we love it! Fall is screening Saturday, December 8th – for more info – check out the schedule – it looks like a great collection of dance film! You can watch, Fall here – if you can’t get to NC in December.

As a follow up to this post – I’m happy to state that we won Best Short Short at the Movies by Movers festival… pretty cool!  http://moviesbymovers.weebly.com/mbm-2012-schedule.html

Culture Front Live – Thursday, 25th with us!

20 10 2012

This Thursday, the 25th – we’re going to present in a Culture Front Live event.

This is a great blog – written by our amazing friend Meg Daly- Go Visit it!


This is what Meg Daly wrote about Hole Dance Films’ this coming Thursday!

I want to draw your attention to THE LAST CULTURE FRONT LIVE discussion of the year: On Thursday, October 25 the whip-smart, mega-talented women of Hole Dance Films will present “Live Process.” Same time and place as usual, The Rose cocktail lounge, 5:30 p.m. The event is free and open to the public, 21 and over.

“Live Process” will take the audience behind the scenes in the making of a dance film. Learn how Hole Dance Films combines phrasing, setting, theme and story to create a cohesive film with dance at its core. Audience members will have the opportunity to observe a current work-in-progress and offer feedback.

for more click link below!



Triangle X shoot

15 10 2012


We shot the 13th and 14th of October – about 7 am to noon each morning – had a great time, great weather & ended up with some cool footage.

Thank you to our cast, who all danced bravely and were truly badass Wyoming women including, Kathryn Turner as she painted amidst the chaos. Our extremely awesome dancers were Marissa (Carr) Moeri, Lauren Mace, Cady Cox, Meleta Buckstaff, Megan Stewart & Natalia Duncan-Macker
Special shouts outs to Producer Natalia and DP Derek DiLuzio for making this shoot fun & relaxed while also garnering exceptional footage!

thank you all!   ~ Carrie & Kate

Dancers Workshop Music Video Camp

30 08 2012

Students at Dancers’ Workshop took a week-long Music Video Camp from Hole Dance Films’ Kate Kosharek and Carrie Richer this July. Each student filled a crew role – Director, Cinematographer, Costumer, Choreographer and Location Manager. They studied Site Specific Dance principles as well as Cinematic and Choreographic principles before plunging in to their own creative work. Students conceived of, costumed, choreographed, performed, shot, edited and presented their work entirely on their own. We had a great time and look forward to bringing these concepts and technology & dance together into other DW programming, so stay tuned.
Thanks to Analise, Ava, Anya, Kiva, Mary Grace, Emmaline, Emma, Stephanie and Mark for being part of Hole Dance Films for a week!  Pictures and links to the music videos are below:

Show the Lights Music video link

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun video link

Ava and Analise editingEditing

Music Video Screening

Summer Camp with Hole Dance Films

23 07 2012

We’re teaching a week long workshop at Dancers’ Workshop in August. Register now and make a music video in a week – we’ll produce, choreograph, write, costume, direct, shoot, dance, edit and screen a music video or two or three, perhaps in a week! Check out our video, spread the word and Register now.

Young Dancers and Hole Dance Films

13 07 2012

We love working with young dancers and in this instance, we got to play more with the interaction between live performance and our film work. You can watch a select group of dancers from Dancers’ Workshop’s Junior Repertory Company perform Hole Dance Films’ piece, Phantom of the Theater now!