About Hole Dance Films

Hole Dance Films is a dance film production company founded in Jackson Hole, Wyoming – now expanded into the Rocky Mountain West with collaborators scattered far and wide. CoFounded by Carrie Noel Richer and Kate Westerlund Kosharek, HDF creates short films that are surreal and whimsical dance films. Our work is often based in place. 

Hole Dance Films has produced several short films that have been selected by both national and international film festivals to screen.  Films have screened at dance film festivals such as Cinedans, Dance Camera West, Dance For Camera – New York, Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema, Elizabeth Streb Company SLAM Motion in Media Festival, the Arizona Dance Film Festival, Kinetoscope, the Jacksonville Dance Film Festival, and Toronto’s Experimental Dance and Music Film Festival. Our films screen in galleries, have been projected onto buildings and billboards, and can also be found on small screens. Isn’t that the beauty of dance film?!


We value our artist collaborators greatly! Many of those brilliant individuals are:
Kyle Flemming, Noelle Huser, Kelly Bouma, Erin Roy, Derek DiLuzio, Melinda Binks, Kathryn Mapes Turner, Yandrew, Madelaine German, Dusty Nichols, Katy Bell, Jalan Crossland, Francesca Romo, Michaela Ellingson, Luke Zender, Sarah Konrad, Marissa Moeri, Cady Cox, Meleta Buckstaff, Heidi Christine Pavarti, Natalia Duncan Macker, Megan Stewart, Jeff Bratz, Erin Gottwald, Yoeng Wei Li, Jennifer Walker, Margaret Rose Breffeilh, Mark Stuver, and Rachael Lincoln.

Hole Dance Films founders’ Carrie & Kate on set. 2008

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