Hole Dance Films

15 10 2019

A dance film based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. CoFounded by Carrie Noel Richer and Kate Westerlund Kosharek, our films are interdisciplinary short dance films. A little poetic, a little surreal and based in character and story. 




Swarming, a new HDF film made in MT

15 10 2019

SWARMING, a 4-minute short starring Kate Kosharek and Michaela Ellingson was made in Montana at Moon-Randolph homestead. Our collaborator Katy Bell lent a hand to the cinematography and a new-old collaborator, Kelly Bouma joined us to form a team of wild Montana women.

The film is about finding a new home or about bees finding a new hive. or both. Shot and edited by Carrie Richer and yet to premiere – stay tuned!


Swarming, 2019   Michaela Ellingson & Kate Westerlund Kosharek


Snow Melt screens at Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema, 2018

10 09 2018

SNOW MELT, 3 minutes and 45 seconds starring Kate Kosharek and shot and edited by Carrie Richer will premier a new short film that is still slightly under wraps in Boulder, Colorado on September 14, 2018.
Come back later for more news and screenings of this new short film by Hole Dance Films!
Morton Salt Girl SNOW MELT 2.jpg

Queen of Hearts

20 09 2017

Queen of Hearts, 2017
Hole Dance Films and Roy Productions partnered to imagine, shoot, and edit this as a mind-sharpening improvisational experiment – made in less than six hours.
5 minutes

For more, visit: holedancefilms.wordpress.com


Queen of Hearts from Carrie Richer on Vimeo.

Dancers’ Workshop presents Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema

26 10 2015

Saturday, November 14th, 2015 at the Center for the Arts in Jackson will be exciting!

Hole Dance Films is premiering two new films, Housewarming and Moving Upstream. These two HDF premieres will be screened alongside a selection of shorts from the Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema, a Boulder, Colorado dance film festival. We have a long standing relationship with this festival as they’ve screened many of our films in the past. We are THRILLED to be able to bring some of the best dance films we’ve seen to Jackson with the support of Dancers’ Workshop!

For tickets, call the Center for the Arts box office, 307 733 4990 or visit www.dwjh.org.


Community Supported Artists in Jackson!

21 02 2014

We are honored to be chosen as one of the nine artists that will make work for the inaugural year of CSA Jackson Hole! We’ll be making a film that will be given to shareholders on DVD as well as premiering the film at the August pick-up event!

For more information – check out the website! CSA Shares are on sale today! $350 gets you nine pieces of art from local artists: Meleta Buckstaff, Jenny Dowd, Wendell Field, Katy Fox, Hole Dance Films, Andy Kincaid, Cynthia Stoetzer, Aaron Wallis, and Pauline Zeren. Congratulations artists! Call 690.4757 or email csajacksonhole@gmail.com to secure your share.

The Wyoming Short Film Contest

18 03 2013
Marissa Moeri dances in Wild and Full of Grit

Marissa Moeri dances in Wild and Full of Grit

Our newest film from our Wyoming, Born and Raised series is titled Wild and Full of Grit

It features Kathryn Turner – who is not only an accomplished painter, but she tells some pretty good stories as well! The choreography within this piece was created to bring her stories to life in a surreal way. It doesn’t hurt that we shot everything on Triangle X Ranch, where Kathryn grew up as a fourth generation Turner. The long history of Triangle X seeps into every part of this film and evokes how powerful this place – the Tetons – truly are, we are all humbled by the power of these mountains.

Like Kathryn, Hole Dance Films is similarly inspired and integrated into this Western frontier. I don’t think we could make work that wasn’t inspired by the Tetons and all that comes with them, even if we tried. We are inspired by where we live everyday and feel so lucky to be able to make the work we make while living here. Our friends at Culture Front are having a similar conversation at the end of the month: How this western frontier influences the contemporary artists that live here. Check Culture Front out here!

The film is currently uploaded to the Wyoming Short Film contest’s voting system and we need your help with votes, comments and sharing to potentially win $25,000. We have plans to continue this series and those funds would sure help us! Go watch the film or wait till its’  premiere on May 23rd at the Historical Society and Museum here in Jackson!

Watch Wild and Full of Grit within the Wyoming Short Film Contest here!

Please pass the link around to anyone that you think the film may resonate with and thanks for your support!BarnGirlsSMALLNatalia Duncan, Megan Stewart, Cady Cox and Meleta Buckstaff dance in front of the historical barn on Triangle X Ranch property last October for Wild and Full of Grit.