Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema

2 09 2010

HDF’s short film, Blue’s not the word…,

will play in Saturday night’s program at the Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema.

For more information, visit

Below is the schedule and film information for Saturday evening.

Short films and live performance, Saturday, Sept. 11, 7:30 PM

photo by Trish Simonite 

photo by Trish Simonite
Palimpsest, 2010, includes live performance, 12 min
Directed by Susanna Morrow
Produced by Ana Baer Carrillo
Choreography and dancing by Susanna Morrow

Filmmaker Ana Baer Carrillo

Synopsis: A woman preoccupied with perfection attempts to learn from her mistakes by taking copious notes. (Venice, CA, USA)
photo by Angela Crawley 

photo by Angela Crawley
Stronger (excerpt from White Caps), 2010, 4 min, HD
Produced and Directed by Wilkie Branson

Choreography by Champloo Dance Company
Dancing by Wilkie Branson, Joel Daniel
Music by Phil King

Cinematography by Rob Saunders
Edited by Wilkie Branson
Commission by Theatre Bristol, Bristol Old Vic

Synopsis: Two companions embark on a b-boying adventure up a wooded mountain, finding jubilance and strength in the experience. (Bristol, Avon, United Kingdom)
Frame from Plastic Ballad
Plastic Ballad, 2009, 3 min, 16mm
Directed by Mara Tasker and Esmeralda Kundanis-Grow
Produced by Mara Tasker
Choreography and dancing by Esmeralda Kundanis-Grow

Music composed by Hamster Theatre

Cinematography by Mara Tasker
Edited by Mara Tasker and Esmeralda Kundanis-Grow

Synopsis: Ink, color and assorted mediums provide textures which parade playfully upon the surface layer, engaging in a ballad of abstract conversations between figure and ink. With the cinematic influences of Bruce Conner and dance influences of Loie Fuller, “Plastic Ballad” abstracts the movements of the human form beyond recognition. (Boulder, CO, USA)
Frame from Fragility
Fragility, 2009, 6 min, miniDV
Directed by ana baer
Produced by ana baer carrillo
Choreography by kim olson
Featuring sweet edge
Dancing by kim olson, patrick mueller
Music composed by barry adamson

Filmmaker ana baer carrillo

Synopsis: A couple grasps for intimacy in a bleak urban landscape, emerging from and collapsing into codependency. (Venice, CA, USA)
Binary Form, 2009, 2 min, miniDV
Directed by Chirstinn Whyte

Choreography and dancing by Chirstinn Whyte
Featuring Shiftwork

Cinematography by Jake Messenger
Edited by Chirstinn Whyte

Synopsis: Short sequences of improvised movement are reduced to a binary form. The resulting frames are animated by sequence replication with the Apple Motion application. (Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, UK)
Frame from 5 Cuts
5 Cuts, 2010, 4 min, HD
Directed by Joy French and Stephanie Tuley
Produced by Joy French
Choreography and dancing by Stephanie Tuley

Music composed by Antonín Dvořák
Music performed by Czech Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra and Ivan Zenaty
Filmmaker Joy French

Synopsis: It takes five cuts to make an apple pie; the angst and ritual of these five cuts are explored in this intense kitchen drama. (Longmont, CO, USA)
Frame from Negative Presence
Produced and Directed by Patrick Wilen for xartcollection®

Choreography and dancing by Maria Stoyanova

Music composed by Patrick Wilen

Filmmaker Patrick Wilen

Synopsis: Maria Stoyanova improvises freely on “Madame de Sade” by Yukio Mishima. The Marquis, who remains off-stage throughout the play, is seen entirely through the eyes of his wife. This absence is the “NEGATIVE PRESENCE”. (Barcelona, Spain)
photo by Martin Klemik 

photo by Martin Klemik
Puddle Song, 2009, 3 min, HD
Directed by Teresa Brazen
Produced by Michele Stewart
Choreography and dancing by Jenni Bregman

Music composed by Brandon Hopp

Cinematography by Martin Klemik, Brandon Hopp
Edited by Brandon Hopp
Lighting by Rich Wells
Observer by Leila Banijamali
Synopsis: A young woman happens upon a puddle that makes a strange sound. This film explores play and its loss in adulthood. (Oakland, CA, USA)
Frame from 1/6
1/6, 2009, 16 min, 2K file
Directed by Orsola Valenti
Produced by Cie Greffe
Choreography by Cindy Van Acker

Dancing by Tamara Bacci

Synopsis: In a natural scenery of snow and fir trees, abandoned by all traces human, a body moves in an unlimited space and in an indefinite time. It is a body without a history, soaking time, testing speed and stillness, apprehending space by taking tactile and sensory possession — the metaphor of a cycle: of a day of life, of a life, of life. (Switzerland)
photo by Matthew Murphy 

NOBODY’S DARLING, 2010, 4 min, miniDV
Directed by Marta Renzi
Produced by Dixon Place
Choreography by Marta Renzi
Featuring And Dancers, Inc.
Dancing by Tina Vasquez, Amos Wolff

Filmmaker Marta Renzi

Synopsis: The independent spirits and unsentimental intimacy of the dancers is both tough and tender. Similarly, the setting for this relationship is a bare bones studio in which their breathing and footfalls create the score. (Nyack, NY, USA)
Frame from Bukfenc
Bukfenc (Somersault), 2009, 5 min, super8
Directed by Bernadette Mayer, Rita Góbi, dramaturgist- Katalin Turai
Produced by Sponsors: NKA, OKM, KODAC, ROLEBOMUSIC
Choreography by Rita Góbi
Featuring GoBe Contemporary Dance Company
Dancing by Vesa-Petteri Asikainen
Music by Csaba Gyulai and József Gáspár

Cinematography by Nyika Jancsó
Edited by Sára Haragonics
Makeup by Orsolya Petrilla
Lab and scanning by Károly Kamerda & Szilárd Szilas
Synopsis: A man facing death is placed in a narrow and dark well, lit only from above. He struggles to no avail and finally realizes that the only way out is to give in. (Budapest, Hungary)
photo by Patrick Mueller 

photo by Patrick Mueller
A Treatise on Endless Struggle and the Crystallized Moment of Impact, part 2 of 3, 2010, 10 min, HDV
Produced and Directed by Patrick Mueller

Choreography by Patrick Mueller / Control Group
Dancing by Kristine Whittle, Buffy Barfoot, Candess Giyan
Music composed by Paul Betts
Music performed by Hrsta, A Silver Mt. Zion, Le Fly Pan Am
Filmmaker Chris Manning

Synopsis: The inherency of conflict, driven by the survival instinct, rendered against a post-apocalyptic wasteland-scape. Desolation and beauty enter direct struggle in this final work of Control Group performance company’s series 3 Treatises on Interplanetary Weather Systems. (Denver, CO, USA)
Frame from My 1st Big Break
My 1st Big Break, 2008, 5 min, HD video camera with 360-degree panoramic SLR lens
Directed by Kyle Ruddick
Produced by Eyestorm Productions

Dancing by Tom Lenk, Rachael Lincoln, Mark Stuver, d. Sabela Grimes, Raphael Xavier, Calvin Cheng, & Lou Genise
Music by Cut Chemist

Assistant Direction by Cari Ann Shim Sham*

Synopsis: This music video, shot in one take with a cast of 17, employs a strategy of blocking, camera choreography and dance choreography that was developed over months in an intense collaborative process. (Topanga, CA, USA)
Frame from Mere Images
Mere Images, 2008, 5 min, miniDV
Produced and Directed by Stephanie Kobes

Choreography by Stephanie Kobes in collaboration with the dancers

Dancing by Nada Diachenko, Michelle Ellsworth, Toby Hankin, Esmeralda Kundanis-Grow, Cherie Hill, Alden LaPaglia, Belle Marsh, Cortney McGuire, Tara Rynders, Uli Ellsworth-Miller, Neri Torres
Music composed by Explosions in the Sky

Filmmaker Stephanie Kobes

Synopsis: A woman’s collection of memories throughout the four seasons of a year. From reflected youth and innocence to reflected age and wisdom, an entire lifetime captured in a mere image. (Boulder, CO, USA)
Frame from MOCEAN
MOCEAN, 2009, 3 min, hi8
Produced and Directed by Kim Arrow

Choreography and dancing by Kim Arrow
Featuring Ponto Facto

Music by Tara Tucker and Anura Kulatunga

Cinematography by Dawn Estelle Singleton, Michael Bednarzi, Kim Arrow
Edited by Kim Arrow
Stage lighting design by James P. Murphy

Synopsis: Shot mostly under the sea on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, “MOCEAN” evokes drift and shape-shift in a moving space inhabited by a human and other creatures. (Swarthmore, PA, USA)
Frame from Blue's not the word....
Blue’s not the word…., 2009, 3 min, HDV
Directed by Carrie Noel Richer
Produced by Hole Dance Films
Choreography and dancing by Kate W. Kosharek

Music by Patsy Cline

Cinematography by Natalie Newman
Edited by Carrie Noel Richer
Music rights by UMe

Synopsis: This short film about a woman’s relationship with her television rides an emotional roller coaster. Danced with a schizophrenic grace, the film is comedic, heart breaking and lovable, all at the same time. (Jackson Hole, WY, USA)
Frame from Let's Dance
Let’s Dance, 2010, 2 min, 16mm B&W
Produced and Directed by Malia Bruker, Oscar Molina

Choreography and dancing by Eun Jung Choi, Guillermo Ortega Tanus
Featuring Da Da Dance Project

Music composed by Dizzy Gillespie, Frank Paparelli
Music performed by Miles Davis and the Lighthouse All-Stars
Filmmaker Malia Bruker, Oscar Molina

Synopsis: “Let’s Dance” is a sensual black and white film that captures the relief that dance provides in everyday life. (Philadelphia, PA, USA)
Installation videos on view, Friday & Saturday, September 10 & 11
photo by Mimi Garrard 

photo by Mimi Garrard
March Circles 2010, 2010, 19 min, DVCAM
Directed by Mimi Garrard
Produced by Mimi Garrard Dance Company
Choreography by Mimi Garrard
Featuring Mimi Garrard Dance Company
Dancing by Samuel Roberts of the Alvin Ailey company
Music composed by Glen Velez
Music performed by Glen Velez and Lori Cortler
Filmmaker Mimi Garrard

Synopsis: “March Circles 2010” is a suite of four contrasting dances created for video using a single choreography. (New York City, NY, USA)
Frame from 2/6
2/6, 2009, 30 min
Directed by Orsola Valenti
Produced by Cie Greffe
Choreography and dancing by Cindy Van Acker
Featuring Cie Greffe

Synopsis: Set in a ghost yard, “2/6” recounts the fate of a body that becomes an object then an object that becomes a body… (Switzerland)
Frame from REALM
REALM, 2010, 7 min, HDV
Directed by Narelle Benjamin and Samuel James
Produced by Narelle Benjamin
Choreography by Narelle Benjamin

Dancing by Emee Dillon and Narelle Benjamin with Julie Anne Long and Martin del Amo
Music composed by White Rainbow

Filmmaker Samuel James

Synopsis: There are memories and traces of what was before us, but in the present we are all living in our own bubbles. (Sydney, NSW, Australia)



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