Hole Dance Films wins GoPro contest and premieres DREAM

12 10 2011

We’ve been busy lately – we showed our film DREAM to audiences on Saturday, October 1st at the Wyoming Filmmakers Showcase. The film will tour throughout the State for viewers this year – if you are interested, contact the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival.

Along with that very sweet premiere for our many community members who starred in the film, the short film will be part of the Jackson Digital Media Ambassador project. The film features over 8 locations in central Jackson. This project utilizes QR codes throughout Jackson and the film will be accessible by smartphone QR scans at most of the Jackson public spaces  featured in the film.  Watch for them and get your phone ready … pretty soon you’ll be able to watch the film on your phone as you pass by its’ well known locations. Thanks to Wyoming Arts council and the Jackson Cultural Council for their help in funding this very cool, collaborative effort. The film, Dream on Vine St. is uploaded here on our blog – check the WATCH FILMS page and Enjoy!

As part of the Wyoming Filmmakers Showcase, Hole Dance Films was able to attend the Wildlife Film Festival up at Jackson Lake Lodge.

We took part in the 3D GoPro micro-short Film contest …. and we won! HDF won two 3D GoPro setups as a prize and the film is uploaded on our youtube channel and accessible on our facebook – so LIKE US and  get your glasses ready! Below is a productions still from Fall 3D as a little teaser…

Derek and Kate get it done with the GoPro 3D camera

Fall, newest HDF film in 3D!



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