An After Dinner Drink premiere’s in New York!

17 12 2010

Premiere of AN AFTER DINNER DRINK at the 2011 Dance for Camera Festival!

The Big Screen Project’s outdoor digital arts and culture wall is a 30 ft. x 16.5 ft. HD screen located in a public plaza behind 6th Avenue between 29th and 30th Street in New York City. The vision of Big Screen is to expose the general public to fresh cultural content and to raise awareness, entertain, and inspire. Neil Sieling, head of Big Screen’s curatorial team, was a producer for LinkTV and Alive From Off Center, the PBS program that commissioned innovative dance films in the ’80s and ’90s.  The Big Screen is viewable from the street, the plaza, The Eventi Hotel, FoodParc, and Bar Basque, a striking restaurant designed by BLADE RUNNER’s Syd Mead.

An After Dinner Drink will premiere at the Dance on Camera Festival in conjunction with the Big Screen Project on January 3rd, Showtimes are 1:00/3:00/4:40pm

For more info, check out this link:



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