Elusive Stranger: work in progress showing

10 03 2011

You’re invited to a special preview of Hole Dance Films newest work “Elusive Stranger.”  Come join us for this free, informal showing and feedback session on Sunday, March 13th @ 5pm in Dancers’ Workshop’s Studio 1 in the Center for the Arts.

This piece will premier on March 25/26 in Brooklyn, NY at Spoke the Hub.  (www.spokethehub.org/perform/gowanus-guest-room)  This is our first attempt at merging live dance with film – we are anxious to share this piece with our Jackson friends before we head out on tour!

See poster and blurb below…  Hope to see you there!

Sneak Preview in Jackson Sunday, March 13th 5 pm

Mixing live dance and film, Hole Dance Films brings the audience into a world where strands of pearls are pulled out of the air, shoes defy gravity by falling up and nothing is quite as it seems. A mysterious woman who drifts from town to town brings hypnotic grace and finesse everywhere she goes. Through precise and whimsical gestures, the choreography takes her to an unexpected place where stage and screen begin to interact – once the two are seen together, neither one can stand alone. As the piece unfolds, the strange air in the room reveals the source of her magic and it is up to the audience to untangle each reality.



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